FloShield delivers a consistent, clear image during surgery
while virtually eliminating the need to remove the scope for cleaning. This comprehensive system is built around two
cutting-edge technologies:

Vortex Barrier TechnologyTM is a sheath enabled design which provides a protective CO2 barrier over the laparoscopic lens that instantly defogs the lens while continually shielding it from condensation, debris and smoke throughout the entire surgical procedure.

Flo-X in situTM is a bio-compatible intra-operative surfactant that flushes/cleans the lens without the need to remove it from the surgical site.

The optical chain of laparoscopic visualization has improved dramatically over the years with HD cameras and monitors. However, up until FloShield, no technology has prevented these dramatic improvements from being defeated by the distal tip of the laparoscope accumulating condensation, smoke, or particulate debris.

FloShield connects to the existing insufflation tubing and diverts a portion of the CO2 gas to flow through the FloShield sheath down to the distal tip of the scope. The resultant Vortex Barrier of CO2 gas instantly defogs the lens and prevents debris from accumulating on the lens. Ultimately, FloShield continually preserves the optics of a clean lens and allowing the video system to perform to its highest standard. The Flo-X in situ surfactant flush, now FDA approved, allows the lens to be cleaned without removing it from the surgical site and provides time sensitive vision recovery after an abrupt loss of vision due to bleeding or rapid accumulation of debris.

Vist the FloShield website for more information.


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